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Atelier Markgraph Luminale 2008

NODE08 Cinema – Extended call for submissions

We’ve extended the deadline for submissions for the NODE08 Cinema, which is a great screening opportunity to show off your software based, generative work!

The main NODE08 exhibition Hall in the Diakoniekirche also features a large projection screen. We kindly ask you to submit generative work or videos, that are in accordance with the festivals topics. An informal jury will select the pieces for the screening.

The rules:
Videos should not exceed 12 minutes. Maximum resolution is 1280×720 px, preferably encoded as Xvid avi. You might as well send a download link instead of physical storage media or autonomously running patches. Each feature will run for 12 min. If you decide to submit a patch, please download the development package here: NODE08 - Cinema SDK

Your patch will run inside this environment under beta 14, please make sure it’s compatible and dont forget to include all your media, models, shaders etc. and have them and your subpatches in one folder and as relative paths inside your patch plus a screenshot of how the output should look like (so we can verify that everything works fine). Do test this before, because we won’t fix broken links inside your patch.

Please send your submission to: node08[at]