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Atelier Markgraph Luminale 2008

The very many

The very many
- ” the very many ” - is a simple assembly of three words : “definite article” (ie Explicit) + “adjective-modifier” (ie Variables) + “plural” (ie Multiplicity). Combined as a motto, it addresses contemporary cultures as complex and intricate systems…

- ” theverymany ” - identifies a Collective of people as well as a Collection of experiments which engage the field of design via protocols of “precise indetermination”.

Marc Fornes, Architect DPLG, is the founder of THEVERYMANY,, a design studio and collaborative research forum engaging the field of architecture via encoded and explicit processes. In 2004 he graduated with a Master of Architecture and Urbanism from the Design Research Lab of the Architectural Association in London after having previously studied in France and Sweden.

SJET was initiated by Skylar Tibbits, as a catalogue and source of further inspiration for continual studies in experimental computation. SJET remains open to growing opportunities which provide for investigation into avenues such as architecture & multimedia, network organizations, computer programming, fashion, dance, etc. SJET is a direct result of an endless search for more.